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Looking for a way to increase your brand awareness inside Amazon? A+ Content (Enhanced Brand Content) is a way to make your product listings pop with beautiful visual graphics and engaging content!


Tell the full story of your brand and your product and increase your sales in the process.

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Increase conversion rate

The easiest no-brainer benefit is that A+ Content boots sales. Amazon totes that listings paired with A+ Content experience up to a 10% increase in average sales. The more information and content you provide on your page, the more likely your customers are to buy.

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Increase organic sales

A+ Content can increase your organic traffic through Google SEO. Google indexes text in A+ Content, so properly tailoring your copy in A+ Content can boost the listings rank in relevant Google search results. This curates brand recognition even beyond Amazon and will help you extend your consumer reach even further.

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Brand recognition

Having a strong brand image and a good storytelling on your page can make a huge impact on your customer buying behavior. They’re more likely to buy from a brand that looks and feels real than one that doesn’t provide the full information on their products.

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A+ Content Requirements

Please do note that in order to access A+ Content you need to enroll your brand on Amazon's Brand Registry Program.

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Products key features

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High quality images

Personalized design

Brand story

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Our A+ Content Service Includes


We conduct market research to check what competitors are doing and determine the key features we will add to the A+ Content.

Keyword Research

We create an extended keyword list, made out of the highest searched and most relevant keywords. With the intention to use them in the front and back end of your A+ Content.

Keyword Enhanced Copywriting

We write engaging and SEO optimized content to use on the graphic assets and the text. Provide as much information as possible so customers can see the full picture of your product.

We create beautiful, informative, and engaging images to showcase your products benefits, uses, specifications, and more. The images need to match your brand identity & storytelling.

Graphic Assets

Keyword Optimized Back-end

We create beautiful and informative infographics and lifestyle images to showcase your products benefits, uses, specifications, and more.

We create beautiful and informative infographics and lifestyle images to showcase your products benefits, uses, specifications, and more.

 We include highly searched and very relevant keywords to your listing back-end to boost your search visibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How long does it take for ShopHowell to create the A+ Content?

It takes about one week to do up to two different templates of A+ Content.

2. How many content revisions are included on the A+ Content service?

2 content and design revisions.

3. What files do you need from us to create the A+ Content?

All files related to your brand identity (brand book, logo, color palette, fonts, product images, lifestyle images, etc).

4. What happens if my brand is not Brand Registered on Amazon?

We can help you register your brand successfully on Amazon’s Brand Registry program. However, this is out of scope for this service. Contact us to get a quote on Brand Registry.

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