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You may be wondering: What’s Listing Optimization? A listing is your product page on Amazon, where you can show your product’s benefits, images, and details.


Optimizing your listing means enhancing it and transforming it to be appealing to both the Amazon algorithm and customers. It’s one of the best ways to increase your visibility and sales inside the platform!

ShopHowell Branding Services
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Increase search visibility

One of the biggest parts of optimizing your listing is adding highly searched keywords to the front & back-end content. This allows the algorithm to rank your product higher on the search results, making it more visible to customers.

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Increase sales

As a result of increasing search visibility and conversion rate, sales will grow exponentially. The equation to succeed on Amazon is having a lot of people looking at your listing and having an incredible listing that appeals to those eyes. That way the majority of people that find your product will make a purchase.

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Increase conversion rate

Customers are looking for the product with the highest quality. Writing down all your product details, benefits, uses, and showing professional quality images will allow customers to connect with you and your product more.

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Our Website Design Service Includes

Wix or Shopify Website

We conduct market research to check your product’s market size on Amazon, as well as, your competitors, their sales, review count, and more.

Website with your Brand Identity

We create an extended keyword list, made out of the highest searched and most relevant keywords. With the intention to use them in the front and back end of your listing.

Website Layout Design

We write the listing content using the best keywords of the previously made keyword list.

We create beautiful and informative infographics and lifestyle images to showcase your products benefits, uses, specifications, and more.

Website Content Upload

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Frequently Asked Questions

ShopHowell Business Audit

1. How long does it take for ShopHowell to optimize my listing?

It takes about one week to do up to five listings.

2. How many content revisions are included on the listing optimization service?

2 content and design revisions.

3. Is a product photoshoot included with the listing optimization service?

Product photoshoots are not included in this package but we can help you reach a professional on the field.

4. Is defining my product branding part of this package?

Product branding is not included in the listing optimization package but we offer the branding service to  help you define your product's image.

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