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ShopHowell Amazon Pay Per Click - PPC Services


Shophowell helps your Amazon sales increase with both organic and paid marketing strategies. With Amazon PPC advertising, we can help your business target the best consumer audience with different types of advertising.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising is part of Amazon’s customized advertising plan. Sellers can use keywords to help their products show up in competitors' listings. Shophowell will help you discover the best PPC Advertising strategy for your products.

Amazon Pay per Click
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Increase reach

Amazon PPC advertising helps you increase your customer reach on the platform. It adds a boost to your organic strategy and increases your conversion.

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Capture more sales

Never miss out on a potential customer by having your products show up in competitors' listings. Make sure you have an incredible & optimized listing before advertising it.

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For all size businesses

Whether your business is small, medium or large, Amazon PPC advertising can work for your company. You can tailor your advertising expenses to something that fits your budget.

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ShopHowell PPC Services benefits
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What types of PPC Ads are available?

Shophowell helps you choose the best Pay-Per-Click Amazon Advertising for your business. There are several options available and we will help you select the ad strategy that’s best for your company.

Sponsored Product Ads

Display specific products in ads in search results that resemble organic listings.

ShopHowell Amazon Sponsored Product ads

Sponsored Brand Ads

Grab your shopper's attention in the headline with multiple product listings from your shop.

Amazon Sposored Products PPC Creation

Sponsored Display Ads

Retarget your desired audience on and off Amazon. These ads can appear on Amazon affiliate sites.

ShopHowell Amazon Sponsored Display ads
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Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon PPC Frequently ask question

1. How long does it take for ShopHowell to start promoting my products?

We can start inmediatly after the payment for the service is received.

2. How much money do I need as a budget to start advertising on Amazon?

A minimum of $20 per day is required to start an effective campaign.

3. Do I need to have my listing optimized to advertise my products?

It's not mandatory but we highly recommend to do it. You can reach out to us so we can create a listing optimization plan for you.

4. Can anyone access any type of PPC Ads on Amazon?

Not all types of Ads are available for every seller. Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display are only available for Brand Registered brands.

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