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How To Increase Sales On Amazon - 5 Tips For 2022

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Playing the Amazon game is not as easy as it seems, it takes time, experience, and knowledge to sell a product. There are millions of products and brands currently active on Amazon, the competition is getting higher and higher every day and it’s becoming a daily struggle for sellers to put their products in the eyes of more customers. But don’t worry, we wrote down 5 incredible tips for you to start implementing on your Amazon listings to drive more traffic and increase sales. Let’s get to work!

Top 5 Tips To Increase Amazon Sales in 2022

Write Keyword-Optimized Listings

If you ask any Amazon expert what is the key to success on Amazon, probably the answer will be keyword research. This is one of the most important steps while creating a listing because adding highly-searched and relatable keywords will provide organic views and generate more sales. Sadly is not as easy as it sounds.

To write keyword-optimized listings you need to:

  • Conduct keyword research: Look at your competitors, Google Trends, Amazon’s Search Engine, or any other specialized keyword tool to create a list of the most relevant and high-searched keywords for your products.

  • Select at least 15 of those keywords: After you create the list, you need to select the ones that describe your product better. With these, write the title and include the rest in the bullets.

  • Add the missing keywords to the listing: You can use the product description and the back-end keywords to add the rest of the list.

Pro Tip: Try to not repeat the same keywords a lot of times, Amazon has character limits for every part of the listing so don’t go over with the same words.


Review The Performance Of Your Listings At Least One Per Month And Take Action

Reviewing your back-end data is going to be a game-changer for you. When a listing is not selling, we need to find the root of the problem and attack it effectively. To access the performance of your listings, follow the next steps:

  • Sign-in on Seller Central

  • Click on “Reports”

  • Click on “Business Reports”

  • On the left, click “Detail Sales Page and Traffic”

  • This section will display a chart where you can see important KPIs like Views, Sessions, Unit Session Percentage (Conversion Rate), Orders, Sales, and more.

If you are getting a lot of sessions but not many orders (low conversion rate), you need to optimize your listings. Listing optimization is a very well-known term on Amazon, what it means is that you need to improve your listings so they can be more compelling for customers. Add professional photos, improve title and bullets, and implement A+ Content.


Drive External Traffic To Your Listings

If you are a brand and use other marketing channels like social media, website, blog posts, live events, etc… It’s an incredible idea to ask your audience to buy your products on Amazon.

A simple way to do it is to add your Amazon Store link to your social media profiles. You can also create special promotions for your website, blog readers, or audience on a live event to incentivize them to buy on Amazon. Lastly, create an email campaign to promote your products to more customers. Remember that the more value you give to your customers, the more they will be engaged with your brand and products.

In case you are a new brand and you are not using any other marketing channels to drive more eyes to your products, you need to get on that train. Start building a website that represents your brand and create a business account on Instagram and Facebook. Trust us, the time invested will be worth it.


Use Amazon PPC

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns are one of the best ways to drive more traffic to your products pages. We recommend starting using PPC when your listings are fully optimized, so you can be as engaging as possible and protect your ad budget. Amazon sellers have three ways to use PPC:

Sponsored Product Ads

This is the most common way to advertise your product. Sponsored products appear in the first places of the results section, that way, customers will see your product before any other. For this type of campaign to be successful, you need to be very aware of the keywords you are bidding on, we can discuss this in another blog post.

Sponsored Brand Ads

Sponsored brands appear on the top of the results page, before any product. This is a bigger ad where you can add your brand logo, products, and more. It’s specially designed to build more brand recognition and drive more traffic to multiple products at once.

Sponsored Display Ads

Sponsored Displays are shown when you target other ASINs. The ad appears below the Buy-Box button. This ad type is extremely useful when you are launching a product and you’re not getting many sales, because you can target competitors' ASINs and appear on their pages. Make sure you beat those competitors with your fully-optimized listing.

You can try all three types of ads and test which one works better for your brand and products!


Provide Social Proof

Nowadays, most customers buy depending on the past experiences of their friends, family, and people online. You need to make sure you have plenty of social proof on your listings, like reviews, testimonials, videos showing results, and before and after pictures.

Getting reviews is easier to say than to do, you need to invest time in it. Amazon gives you a way to send a review request to every customer that buys your product, make sure you set that up. Also, they provide different programs you can join like the Vine Program and the Early Reviewer Program.


In Closing

Increasing your sales on Amazon is not something you can do in one day. It takes time, effort, and knowledge to do it. If you are a brand owner and want to start selling on Amazon but feel like you don’t have the experience, time, and team to do it, fill out the form on our contact page so you can schedule a meeting with us. We can grow your sales and meet those goals for the new year!

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